Parkside Dr Phillips By Builder Meritage Homes

Parkside Dr Phillips By Builder Meritage Homes

Bienvendio A Parkside Dr. Phillips

Ben-vindo ao Parkside Dr. Phillips

Welcome to the most current up to date Parkside Dr. Phillips information site, this page is for the serious buyer only. If you are looking to have the best experience with your new home purchase, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to the Parkside information Page.

Meritage Homes has sold all of  phase 1. ( 115 Lots)

Phase 2 has sold over 25+ lots as of 6/2014

Phase 2 will be offering another 100+ lots for sale, the demand is still very strong and it will be a challenge for most to make there dream acquisition as prices continue to increase throughout the different lot releases.

The Madrid, Tara

Cordoba, Palm, Vizcaya, Barcelona, Seville & Granada

will be built in Phase 2

Prices will be starting at 500K - 1 Million


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